Why is everyone still talking about Halftime?

Yes, yes the Pats lost the Super Bowl against the Giants. Let’s stop ragging on Wes Welker and his butterfingers now, and tell Gisele to watch her mouth when she stands up for Brady. Yet people are still taking about something more than whatever Madonna was doing in the halftime show.

Clint Eastwood’s appearance in a very pro-Detroit commercial for Chrysler sparked debate this week that the actor/director was really selling Obama instead of Jeeps. Not only are conservatives in arms, journalists are confused what to make of it as well.

Is it that big of a controversy? Not really. But the sides that are coming out in this dialogue and the amount of attention media outlets are giving it is definitely noteworthy. And is Chrysler seeing the benefits of increased attention? Not as much as the president, and Clint Eastwood for that matter, are. If only the pundits were this attentive towards “J. Edgar.”

Storify: Was Clint selling Obama or Chrysler? 

Photo: Creative Commons/Flickr/Adrian Perez

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