Seeing red on the orange, silver and red lines

This wasn’t my first choice to do a live tweeting, but it could make an interesting case study. And I’m not a big hockey fan, so watching and tweeting Saturday’s men’s hockey match while they played at UVM could have been the perfect setup to publicly admit sports aren’t my thing.

Still, there’s something to be said for closely observing what it’s like getting on the T on a Monday morning. I probably wouldn’t have noticed how many people are in fact doing a crossword puzzle or wearing ridiculous hats.

I’m doing an internship at, where there’s a weekly Top 10 MBTA Tweets feature. Now that I spent a commute not zoned out with my eyes closed and head against the side of a car, I see plenty of material to tweet about – enough for one of those “S*!t People Say …” videos. (Let’s hope there isn’t one about the T in the works.)

Problems? Well I found out my camera doesn’t work on the iPhone Twitter app. Instead, the picture is just black. (Probably a casualty of the rainwater damage inflicted on my device.) And while there’s service on the Orange and Red Lines, there’s none on the Silver Bus. I learned this because today was one of the two times I’ve ever taken that bus.

And unless it’s snowing or pouring rain outside, I’ll stick with the 10-minute walk from South Station to get to work.

Photo: @zacestrada

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